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Helping You Protect Your Elderly Loved Ones

At Gamble Law Firm, PLLC, we devote a significant portion of our law practice toward helping clients develop an estate plan and providing legal direction regarding elder law. Whether you are focused on protecting your surviving loved ones or ensuring that your aged parents are not being taken advantage of, we are the firm for you.

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Estate Planning, Administration, And Litigation

From start to finish, our firm is prepared to guide clients through every stage of the estate law process.

  • Estate planning: During the estate planning process, clients must work to develop certain documents that will either aid in the distribution of assets after death or specify a health care or financial proxy who can make decisions should the client lack the mental or physical capacity to do so on their own. These documents can include wills, trusts, and powers of attorney.

  • Estate administration: After you pass away, several things must happen very quickly. It is wise for your heirs to select an experienced lawyer who can help with identifying and notifying the remaining heirs, preparing the final tax return, and payment of creditors from the estate.

  • Estate litigation: There are often disputes following the death of a loved one. Whether you are contesting the validity of the will, or you are concerned that the executor is not acting in the best interests of the estate, it might be wise to pursue litigation.

Elder Law And Guardianship/Incompetency Proceedings

As parents and relatives get older, conflicts arise concerning the care of loved ones and their financial resources. Gamble Law Firm, PLLC, is experienced in dealing with family conflicts around parents and loved ones when their physical health and their financial health is concerned. For example, one sibling might be worried that another sibling is taking advantage of a parent suffering from dementia. It is important to have an experienced attorney carefully examine the finances of your elderly parent to ensure that he or she is protected from unscrupulous loved ones.

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In Charlotte, and throughout North Carolina, we encourage you to call or email our firm to schedule a consultation. We understand the frustrations that can come from facing legal dilemmas relating to your family. Trust us to guide you through the process in a professional, courteous manner.